Saturday, September 8, 2012

9 weeks til my first craft show...time to learn to sew!

Ok I go..time to figure out this sewing machine! So alittle family history here, I actually recieved a beautiful refurbished Singer Featherweight when I graduated high school. My grandfather, had owned a sewing machine repair buisness and when all the grandkids graduated, the girls got machines and the boys got money. I never learned to sew on that thing. I was always to afraid. I left it at my moms several moves ago bc I was worried about it getitng stolen in a move. My mom always said, grandpa would be mad at me for not using it. I always said I was afraid to use it because if it broke it would cost a fortune and who would I even find to fix it or service it if I did use it? I was actually able to call Singer once w/the model # and I found out my machine left the New Jersey factory in Feb 1955. Pretty cool, uh?

So naturally, for my 'first' usable sewing machine, I went for the Singer. We got this one at the Hickham AFB Bx. It was on sale for $50 less then the Navy NEX. Interesting, uh? Shows it pays off to checkc out everywhere!

So now I have a table full of fabrics that I picked up this week at walmart from the scrap bins to start practicing on! I have a pile full of flat sheets that my family doesn't use and tshirts and dresses I have picked up to use as recycled materials..should be an interesting adventure I'm starting out on here!

I have always enjoyed crafts and creating different things. Whenever I work on a project, my husband is always amazed at how artistic I am. Which is funny because I have always seen myself as the misplaced Indian..I mean come many Indians do you know that are allergic to nature and can't draw? LOL! I do tend to put a creative spin on most things I touch but really my crafting motto has been more of 'If at first you try and you fail... Hide ALL evidence there was ever an attempt!'

So here I go...let's see how this works! Today, I am going to work on Travel Pillows for kids that attatch to seatbelts! I love this idea, my daughter, Lyssi, 5, is way to big for her 5 pt harness but when she falls asleep in her booster..well it just looks painful! So I am hoping that this one helps!

Later tonight or tomorrow I will post pics of this adventure and do my post on homemade laundry soap and fabric softner! Blessings!

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