Friday, September 14, 2012

Pintrest baking project #1 ~ Cookie cups for ice cream

Of course, this looks like a fun project for everyone to enjoy! So I used the Big Cookie dough w/large chips.. I think that was one of the problems on why it wasn't successful. The smaller tins turned out better except that bc of the large chocolate chips it was difficult to shape the dough. Both times only took 7 - 9 mins to bake. So the good news is.. Kids don't care what cookies and ice cream like it..the simple fact they are allowed to have it brings excitement! So the kids love them! The crumbs from the big tins..well they went to my husbands favoriate snack. Usually, he stacks his cookies in a glass then pour milk over this way the crumbs were already ready for his glass! LOL...

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  1. Prima, Mel taught me you can do the taco bowls with tortilla's, the same concept with cupcake tins. New project for taco salad!