Thursday, September 6, 2012

& the fun begins!

So the fun of buying supplies has been going on for awhile now! But here comes the fun of creating my crafts. I am super excited as I continue to narrow it down to which items I will take with me to my first craft show in November. This week I'll be focusing on a few  new sewing watching for pics as I make some reusable sandwhich bags and some comfy seatbelt pillows for some adorable munchkins!

Last night, I was able to talk to my best friend from childhood, Jenni. Jenni and I are in so many ways complete opposites. She's the structure, the thinker, the reasonable one! Me, I'm the one that goes and pays for a craft booth before I even know what type of crafts I'll take or make..I'm the one that gets distracted by all things sparkly and shiny! It's been amazing to watch and think about how GOD has put this friendship together and allowed us to maintain it and nurture it even more so as we both became wives and mommas. More then anything, I'm excited to start my crafting adventure and share these experiences with her. She will be sending alot of her items for my craft show as well and I'm excited to help show her items and support her business.

So, I have bought more then enough supplies! I have practice materials and then last night..I got to walmart as they were putting out new 'scraps'..and picked up some awesome kids material! Can't wait to get started...I'll post pics soon.

Have a blessed day,everyone.

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