Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crayons and Coasters

Check this out! How fun.. I gotta tell you with Pintrest, I feel so successful w/ my crafting! This one was really simple and was a great project for the kids. They sat for an hour taking off wrappers before they got bored! I sat down and finished two boxes of crayons in about 15 mins. Place your broken crayons in the molds and place in oven at 230 for 15 mins. I used an old mold I had gotten from a Valentines clearance shelf. I can't wait to pick up some molds after Halloween for some 'boy shapes'. Because I used a traditional tin.. I froze them to 'pop' them out. Pintrest uses the flexible silicone that might work faster. This is going to be Drew's money maker at the craft show.

So for my coasters, I could only get to my purple scrapbook paper! But it was a great first attempt. I used Mod podge to put the scrapbook paper and wording on tiles. Then (the first picture) is when I took the tiles outside to put a clear coat of gloss on the tiles to seal the paper and wording on the tiles. I actually put 2 coats on. Then I put ribbon around the edges to give the coaster a more polished finish and then after a night of drying..they were ready! I can't wait to play with more colors and themes! Another project that is a 'go' for the craft show!

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